Newsletter of the Pinellas Talking Book Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Vol. 7, No. 1                                                      Spring 2000



The Pinellas Talking Book Library has now moved to its new location in Clearwater. Our Grand Opening on Sunday, May 7 was a great success. Several distinguished guests where able to attend, including Barrette Wilkins, State Librarian, and Linda Redmond from the National Library Service/Library of Congress. We were pleased so many patrons were also able to join our celebration.

As with any major change, we had a few glitches along the way. But we are now open for business, and welcome all to stop by the library for a tour of the new facility and to meet the staff. We have a browsing area, two CCTV’s and two computers for use by registered patrons, as well as sports equipment for the disabled. If you would like to pick up books while you are here, call ahead of time and we’ll have them ready for you.


Our new address is:  1330 Cleveland Street

                                     Clearwater, FL 33755-5103


New telephone numbers:  441-9958 (Main number)

                                             441-3168 (TDD number)

                                              441-9068 (Fax number) 

Please keep these numbers handy.                




The St. Petersburg Public Library has broadened access to its print and electronic resources by adding two computer workstations outfitted for people with visual, physical, or reading disabilities.

The city of St. Petersburg’s Committee to Advocate for Persons with Impairments (CAPI) researched and funded the $21,000 adaptive technology (AT) project, which empowers users with disabilities to modify, enhance, or convert information into preferred formats such as braille, audio, or large print displays on a computer screen.

The workstations are located in the reference department of Main Library, 3745 Ninth Ave. N., and provide access to the Internet, library catalog, and software applications such as word processing. Reference librarians have received training on the new equipment and accessibility concepts; they will assist users who are unfamiliar with adaptive computing or the organization of the library.

“The accessible workstations advance our goal of making the library inclusive of the entire community we serve,” said Library Director Mary Brown.

Able-bodied users are welcome to reserve the workstations. As is the case with many AT advancements user groups beyond people with disabilities can benefit from accessibility features. Screen reading with text highlighting, for example, allows those who are learning English to see words as they are pronounced.

Twenty-four percent of Americans with disabilities own computers compared with the national average of over 50, and 10 percent use the Internet as compared with the national average of 38, according to figures from the Disability Statistics Center at the University of California, San Francisco.

For more information or to reserve time on the workstations contact the St. Petersburg Public Library reference department at 893-7928.

(Submitted by R. Greg Carlson, Outreach Coordinator, St. Petersburg Public Library System)



Can we inspire any of you to do a little spring-cleaning and return those talking books that you still haven’t gotten around to reading? Other people may be waiting anxiously for them. Don’t worry – we can reissue them to you at any time. Have your books accumulated because we are sending titles that don’t interest you? Please give us a call so that we can change your “reading profile” to more closely match your interests.

Are we sending too many books at one time? Recent refinements with our computer system may correct this problem. However, if you continue to receive too many books (or not enough), please contact your Reader Advisor. Logan Allen is the Reader Advisor for patrons whose last names begin A – L; Marianne Morawetz serves patrons whose last names begin M – Z.


In the last newsletter, there was a listing of books regarding politics and politicians. One of the RC numbers given was for the Spanish edition of the book General H. Norman Schwarzkopf. The English version of this book is RC 35557 It Doesn’t Take a Hero. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused.



Recorded Periodicals From ASB

Associated Service for the Blind in Philadelphia, PA has available several recorded magazines that may be of interest to you. There is a subscription charge for each of these magazines—please contact them directly for prices and a complete listing of titles available:  


                        919 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Telephone: (215) 627-0600 ext 3208

Some of the selections available include:

Popular Mechanics                  Computers

Popular Science                       Discovery

Smithsonian Magazine             Family Circle

Trains Magazine                      Radio Digest

Organic Gardening                   Science News

Scientific American                 Skeptical Inquirer

Anthropology/Archeology              Fortune

Science and Medicine                     Forbes


Music Recordings

Many of you have requested music tapes, which unfortunately are not available through our library. Recordings for Recovery, a non-profit organization, has music tapes for individuals with disabilities. There is a $10.00 membership fee. Each order consists of up to 8 tapes that can be kept for 60 days, and is sent postage free. Selections include religious, classical, folk, ballads, jazz, easy listening and more. For a complete listing of categories available, membership form, and request/order form, please contact Recordings for Recovery directly at:


       5103 Eastman Place, Suite 101

       P O Box 270

       Midland, MI 48640-0270

       (517) 832-0784


(All information concerning other organizations is given for information purposes only. The Pinellas Talking Book Library is not responsible for the quality or customer satisfaction of these products or businesses.)




The public television station WEDU has made available several programs with the Descriptive Service for those with televisions that have this option. Regularly scheduled programs include: American Experience, Mystery, Nature, and Science: American Frontiers. Please consult your local TV Guide for the channel of your public television station.

And don’t forget: the Pinellas Talking Book Library has over 200 DVS movies available for your enjoyment. For a current listing of titles or to order a movie, call your Reader Advisor at our new phone number:  441-9958.


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Library Staff


Marilyn Stevenson      Logan Allen

Librarian                     Library Assistant


Barbara Lapointe              Marianne Morawetz

Assistant Librarian                    Library Assistant             


Rick Griffing                   Donna Wiggins

Office Manager                         Receptionist


You may reach us Monday—Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(727) 441-9958

(727) 441-3168 TDD

(727) 441-9068 FAX

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  1330 Cleveland Street                 BLIND OR HANDICAPPED
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