Vol. 3, No. 2

May 1996


National Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 21-27 was National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and the TBL staff honored our volunteers with certificates, a photo montage of the volunteers with captions they selected themselves, and a variety of treats arranged by Martha Forbes. Your service wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and dedication of nearly 40 volunteers who assist us with talking book program activities. Please join us in saluting these community-minded individuals. Contact Martha at 538-9567 if you want more information about TBL volunteer opportunities.

Hours Change

The TBL is now open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. We remain closed weekends and holidays. The change will help us reposition staff throughout the day to provide prompt, responsive service. Call 538-9567 to leave a message when we are not in the office, and we will return your call the next business day. Thank you for assisting us in this adjustment.


Service Tips

Please include your name, address, and telephone number on all correspondence to the library. Request lists for books and magazines missing reader identification information cannot be processed.

If you order books that you have read previously through the talking book program they will be added to your request list unless you note otherwise. Please indicate on order forms if you want repeat requests ignored.

The library FAX machine number is 538-8731, and our e-mail address is carlsog@snoopy.tblc.lib.fl.us. You may request books or conduct other library business via FAX or e-mail just as you would via mail or phone.

Books returned to the library without the correct number of cassettes, or with cassettes that do not match, cannot be circulated to the next reader. Develop a system for keeping individual cassettes in the proper mailing container. The library staff can offer suggestions on organizing your books to improve your listening pleasure and maintain the highest possible number of book copies in circulation.

Please return books to the library as you finish them. Overdue books contribute to reduced copies in circulation and fewer reader requests that can be filled. Help us reduce the wait for popular materials—send books back promptly.

News You Can Use

Society garlic, aztec grass, and purple queen request your presence at the Louis Vanech Park for the visually impaired in Dunedin. One hundred fifty-one flamboyant, pungent, and tactilely interesting flowering plants, trees, and herbs are on display with print and braille identifications. Sidewalks encircling the garden are extra wide for visitors who use wheelchairs. There are also drinking fountains for both humans and guide dogs. The garden is located at 3051 Garrison Road within the Louis Vanech Recreation Complex. For more information contact Pat Wollman at 726-5066. The park is open all day and free to the public.

Heritage Village, a Pinellas County historical museum, has also developed a gazebo and garden for the blind that features 12 plants and herbs selected for their sensory appeal. Print and Braille labels identify each species. Heritage Village is located at 11909 - 125th St. N in Largo. Call 582-2123 for details on the garden and scheduled events.

"For a free list Diabetes Associations in 84 countries (1994) send a long stamped, self-addressed envelope to The Diabetic Traveler Newsletter, P.O. Box 8223-RW, Stamford, CT 06905; telephone 203/327-5832." (From Disability Resources Monthly, 3:9, April 1996.)

The Arthritis Foundation offers support groups to help people with arthritis cope with their disease by sharing concerns and solutions. If you are interested in joining a support group, call the Gulfcoast Branch Arthritis Foundation at 813/576-1727, or FAX 813/579-0628.


Technology Corner

Advancesin technology for people with disabilities are accompanied by a bloom of terms, abbreviations, and acronyms. To help you make sense of new projects and services, we will provide a short glossary on the subject in each newsletter. Items found in the Pinellas Talking Book Library will be followed by TBL in parentheses. We encourage your visit to the TBL to use our talking computers, CCTV’s and other assistive devices.

Keyboard modifications allow people with physical disabilities to efficiently use computer keyboards for data entry. Keyboard accessories include keyguards and keylocks to protect against pressing unwanted keys, keyboard enhancement software programs provide features to assist slow or one-handed typists to increase speed and accuracy, programmable keyboards allow repositioning keys for those with limited hand mobility. Foot pedals can also be used in conjunction with standard keyboards for issuing multiple keystroke commands.

For more information on adapting keyboards to your needs call the library at 538-9567. We maintain information on a variety of assistive technology topics that we are eager to share.

For Young and Old Alike

The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Selection Policy for Reading Materials states: "Program users should have access to the same types of books and information available to the general public through public libraries." The following authors are featured for their flexibility in charming, moving, and enlightening both juvenile and adult readers with their prose. By addressing audiences across the generations in novels, stories, and historical accounts they have become valued additions to library shelves everywhere. Please fill out the enclosed order form to order any of these titles, or call your reader contact at 539-0261 for telephone requests.

Certain Women

by Madeline L’Engle

RC 37730

Eighty-seven-year-old David Wheaton reminisces with his daughter Emma. He regrets that his acting career did not include a performance in a play about King David.

A Wrinkle in Time

by Madeline L’Engle

RC 09768

BR 01546

As Meg Murry and her friends search for Meg’s scientist father who has vanished, they are transported to another world. Newbery Medal. For grades 5-8.

A Circle of Quiet

by Madeline L’Engle

RC 24730

At the age of 51, the author examines her roles as wife, mother, grandmother, concerned citizen, practicing Christian, and writer.

The Screwtape Letters

by C. S. Lewis

RC 12395

Screwtape, a shrewd old devil, writes letters of encouragement from Hell to a less experienced devil on Earth who is looking for souls who will succumb to temptation.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

by C. S. Lewis

RC 16982

BR 07236

Four English children find their way through a huge wardrobe and end up in the mysterious land of Narnia, which is suffering under the spell of the White Witch. For grades 4-7 and older readers.

C. S. Lewis: A Biography

by A. N. Wilson

RC 32617

The author reveals Lewis’s struggles with both Christianity and humanity.

Letters to Judy

by Judy Blume

RC 24465

Children write to the popular author about loneliness, jealousy, sibling rivalry, crushes, apprehensions, and concern about their families.

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret

by Judy Blume

RC 37405

BR 07171

When Margaret and her family move away from the city, Margaret isn’t as grown up and mature as the new girls expect her to be. For grades 4-7.

Judy Blume’s Story

by Betsy Lee

RC 20088

BR 05444

A biography with emphasis on Judy’s childhood and teen years including her feelings about growing up, friendship, boys, her family and herself.

The Certificate

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

RC 37025

Eighteen-year-old David Bendiger has a certificate to travel to Palestine, but he doesn’t have money for the necessary expenses. He enters into a fictitious marriage, and becomes involved with two other women while waiting for the necessary paperwork.

Stories for Children

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

RC 22928

Thirty-six short stories—some derived from the author’s Eastern European childhood and some based on Biblical themes. For grades 4-7 and older readers.

A Young Man in Search of Love

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

RC 12892

The author’s memoirs of his literary life among Warsaw Jews at the beginning of the century.

The Black Americans: A History in Their Own Words, 1619-1983

by Milton Meltzer

RC 22923

A history of black people in the United States as told through letters, speeches, articles, eyewitness accounts, and other documents.

Underground Man

by Milton Meltzer

RC 35044

Nineteen-year-old Josh Bowen becomes an abolitionist conductor on the Underground Railroad, an act that leads to his trial and imprisonment. For grades 6-9 and older readers.

Starting from Home: A Writer’s Beginnings

by Milton Meltzer

RC 29510

Meltzer relates his personal experiences of family, school, books, love and work while growing up during the Great Depression.

Cooking in Paradise

The Pinellas Talking Book Library and the Caring and Sharing Center for Independent Living (CASCIL) have collaborated on a cookbook with added features for cooks with disabilities. Cooking in Paradise includes over 200 recipes, plus contacts for adapting your kitchen, tips for cooks with disabilities, a cuisine, diet, and nutrition bibliography of talking books, and more. Several of our readers also contributed their favorite dishes. To order a copy or copies use the enclosed order form. Be sure to make your check out to the "Pinellas Talking Book Library." All proceeds will support free services to the disability community. For more information call the library at 538-9567. Bon appetit!

Reader’s Digest and Newsweek

The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is responsible for cassette and braille subscriptions to Reader’s Digest and Newsweek. We frequently hear from readers receiving one or both of these magazines who suddenly stop getting their issues. According to APH you must respond to a written letter once a year indicating your interest in extending your subscription; otherwise, it will be canceled. Because the magazine program is run exclusively with donations APH must operate as cost effectively as possible. APH will try to send back issues you missed if your subscription is canceled and started again. You can call APH at 1-800-223-1839 or 502/895-2405 for more information, or to renew a lapsed subscription.

Talking Book Library Gift Fund

We are grateful to all the readers and supporters who contributed to this fund. You have assisted us in purchasing materials and equipment to enhance our service.

All monetary gifts to the Pinellas Talking Book Library are tax deductible. We acknowledge all donations by letter, such as those sent in honor of a loved one or special occasion. Gift amounts are kept confidential when contacting the honoree or family.

Please include with your gift (made out to the Pinellas Talking Book Library) the honoree’s name, the name and address of family member to be notified, and nature of the tribute. Contact Greg Carlson at 538-9567 for further information.


Library Staff

R. Greg Carlson

Talking Book Librarian

Martha Forbes

Assistant Talking Book Librarian

Vivian Godfrey

Office Manager

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Library Assistant

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Library Assistant


Mission Statement

The Pinellas Talking Book Library's mission is to encourage and support reading by providing free library services to Pinellas County residents for whom conventional print is a barrier.

Take a talking book wherever you go.