Vol. 3, No. 4

December 1996

Golf Tournament Benefits Talking Book Library

The Fourth Annual Pub Golf Classic, held Saturday, October 19, 1996 at the Belleview Mido Country Club, generated $4,130 in proceeds for the Pinellas Talking Book Library. Eighty-seven golfers participated in the event that also paid tribute to tournament sponsor Barry Dobson of The Pub who died in August. Barry’s wife, Shirley Dobson, sponsored the tournament; Shirley Conner repeated as tournament director. The Omega Omega Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, Int. assisted as on course volunteers and dessert chefs for the awards luncheon that followed play at The Pub of Indian Shores. "Money raised through this tournament will help provide free library services to persons with print disabilities," said Talking Book Librarian, Greg Carlson, whose team accepted an award for the worst score. "We salute the golfers, hole sponsors, prize contributors and organizers for supporting community enrichment through the joy of reading," he added.

News You Can Use

The United States Blind Golfers Association (USBGA) sponsors tournaments, publishes The Midnight Golfer newsletter, and promotes junior golf for the blind and visually impaired. Thanks in part to the USBGA, the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind now offers students golf as an athletic activity. Contact the USBGA for tournament and membership information at 904/893-4511, or write USBGA, 3094 Shamrock St. N., Tallahassee, FL 32308.

The 1997 Seedlings: Braille Books for Children catalog is now available. The catalog includes over 270 contemporary and classic titles for ages one to fourteen. Write Seedlings at P.O. Box 51924, Livonia, MI 48151-5924, or call 800-777-8552. Their e-mail address is seedlink@aol.com.

Technology Corner (TBL)

E-mail (or email): The "E" stands for "electronic." E-mail is the process of sending, receiving, storing, forwarding messages in digital format over telecommunication networks like the Internet. Computer users need a modem to link them via telephone lines to other remote computers. E-mail has become a popular communication alternative for individuals, government, and business. Send e-mail to Denise and Marianne of the TBL staff at their "address," or e-mail destination, as listed on the back cover and in the Read for the Stars entry. Please contact the library if a family member or friend will be using e-mail to conduct library business on your behalf.


Service Tips

We are asked frequently about cassette book machine maintenance that readers can perform. You can clean playback heads with a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol by pushing the eject key and then the play key. The play head in the machine will then move forward slightly. Gently wipe the head with the Q-tip. Pure isopropyl alcohol is the only appropriate cleaning solution. Please do not attempt any other maintenance or repair activity. Call the TBL if you are experiencing playback equipment performance problems.

Marianne and Denise of the TBL staff now have their own e-mail accounts where you may send them book or magazine requests, change of addresses, or other library business. Contact Marianne at morawem@snoopy.tblc.lib.fl.us, and Denise at valkemd@snoopy.tblc.lib.fl.us. See Technology Corner for a more complete explanation of e-mail.

Our policy is to honor all reader requests for books, even if our computer prompts us that it is a title the reader has had before. You must write on your request form, or indicate during telephone transactions, if you want us to ignore requests for books you have received in the past.


Service Tips continued

Readers who maintain summer or winter residences need to give the library ample notice of any address changes so that books are sent to the proper destination. Be sure as well to leave forwarding information with your home post office so that magazines and catalogs will reach you.


Change to Copyright Law

The Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 1997 (H.R. 3754), included a change to the copyright law that will move people with print disabilities toward information access parity. In signing the legislation on September 16, 1996, President Clinton stated:

"I am especially pleased to sign into law a provision that will allow blind and visually impaired persons to get earlier access to books and other reading matter. As a result of an agreement between the publishing industry and advocates for people with disabilities, books can now be converted into alternative formats such as Braille as soon as they appear in print. Prior to this change, the Library of Congress and other organizations that sought to provide these materials had to obtain permission from copyright holders on a case-by-case basis, leading to lengthy delays in access to all types of reading material. This law will help us reach our goal of full inclusion of people with disabilities."

Frank Kurt Cylke, Director of the National Library Serivce for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, welcomed the copyright amendment, as did numerous advocacy groups. We will keep you informed as the law is interpreted and implemented.


Happy Holidays!


Read for the Stars

With the recent triumph of Shannon Lucid on the Space Shuttle and Space Station Mir as our inspiration, we have chosen a sample of space exploration books and novels for this issue. Please use the enclosed order form to request the following titles, or call the library at 539-0261. You can also order via FAX, 813/538-8731, or e-mail, morawem@snoopy.tblc.lib.fl.us; valkemd@snoopy.tblc.lib.fl.us.


The Right Stuff

by Tom Wolfe

RC 13986

An inside view of seven early astronauts—what made them tick, and how they responded to the space program.

Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13

by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger

RC 40691

Description of the terrifying days for three astronauts aboard Apollo 13 after an explosion in the command module placed them in grave danger.

Contact: A Novel

by Carl Sagan

RC 22975

A speculative adventure of the first encounter of humankind with intelligent life from beyond our solar system.

Star Trek Generations: A Novel

by J. M. Dillard

RC 40623

Captains Kirk and Picard meet in a timeless nexus and team up to stop an evil scientist from killing millions of people. A Star Trek novel.

2001, A Space Odyssey

by Arthur Charles Clarke

RC 19164

A spacecraft hurtles its human passengers through time toward a confrontation with an unknown, powerful intelligence.

Minus Time

by Catherine Bush

RC 38411

The teenaged children of an earthquake relief worker and his astronaut wife invent a family for their friends with the daughter’s memories forming a metaphor for the disintegration of the environment and society.

Red Star in Orbit

by James E. Oberg

RC 17478

The inside story of the triumphs and failures of the Soviet space program.