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Talking Book Library - Collection

The National Library Service produces full-length books and magazines. The scope of the collection is similar to that of a public library; it contains bestsellers, biographies, classics, mysteries, romances, westerns, poetry, histories and how-to books. There are a limited number of titles in Spanish and other languages for readers whose primary language is not English. Catalogs and bibliographies in a variety of formats are available for book and magazine selection.

Print/Braille Books
Print/Braille books have the same text in print and Braille on pages facing each other. Print/Braille books enable blind and sighted readers to share the experience of reading a book together. Selected titles are available for pre-school through Grade 6 levels.

Descriptive Videos
The videos, produced by Descriptive Video Services at WGBH in Boston and Audio Vision of Canada, require only a TV and VCR to play. The Library also has a limited collection of DVD titles. Contact the library for loan policies and movie listings in large print or Braille.

Deposit Collections
Pinellas County facilities such as nursing homes, Assisted Living Facilities, hospitals, and skilled nursing units are eligible for on-site deposit collections which are mini-libraries composed of audio and Braille materials and compatible playback equipment for use by eligible residents. Deposit collections can be tailored to meet the needs of the residents. Applications are available by calling the library.

BiFolkal® Kits
A "party-in-a-bag", BiFolkal® Kits allow activity directors to present stimulating multimedia programs to nursing home or assisted living facility residents. The Library will also loan a slide projector to be used with BiFolkal® kit slides.

  • Pinellas Talking Book Library BiFolkal® Kit Circulation Policy
    BiFolkal® kits "create opportunities and resources for older adults to remember and to share their stories with each other and with younger people, in groups or in families." (BiFolkal Kit Catalog, 1993/1994, p.1). Reflection and expression are encouraged through the use of slides, historical objects, videos, songs, poems and more-all included in each kit. Programmers having no prior experience with audiovisual material can present stimulating, meaningful sessions to a variety of audiences.

    Each kit is organized around a subject or theme such as county fairs or school days. The Pinellas Talking Book Library currently loans twenty kits: Remembering: Summertime, Birthdays, Home, Train Rides, Automobiles, Pets, Music, School Days, Fun and Games, County Fairs, Fall, Farm Days, the Fashion, the Home Front, the Depression, Work Life, 1924, African-American Lives, Spring, and the Fifties. We also have six mini-kits: Remembering Mothers, Remembering Fathers, Christmas, Friends, Aprons, and Valentine's Day. Each kit contains slides. The italicized titles have a DVD and CD available in lieu of the slides.

    • Kits are loaned FREE to registered Pinellas Talking Book Library deposit collections;
    • You may borrow 1 kit at a time;
    • Kits circulate for 21 days;
    • Kits must be picked up and returned to the Pinellas Talking Book Library, or to save travel time they may be taken to any Public Library in Pinellas County and the courier service will then deliver to the Talking Book Library.

    Please inspect the kits before returning and compare with the inventory found in each kit. Indicate any missing items on the form, or call the Pinellas Talking Book Library to report lost or damaged articles.

    A BiFolkal® Kits brochure can be downloaded and printed by using this link: Brochure.


A Talking Book Library general information bookmark and a brochure can be printed by clicking the following links: Bookmark, Brochure.