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Talking Book Library - Application for Service

Click HERE for a printable Application


Dear Future Patron:
Above is a link to an application form for free library service from the PINELLAS TALKING BOOK LIBRARY. The application form must be filled out completely including eligibility/certification requirements, type of equipment needed, service preferences, and reading interests. All equipment is on loan, free of charge in accordance with policies and procedures of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress. Our goal is to offer the best and most efficient library service possible.

Eligibility for Service

The following persons are eligible for service:

  1. Blind persons whose visual acuity, as determined by a competent authority, is 20/200 or less in the better eye with correcting lenses, or whose widest diameter of visual field subtends an angular distance no greater than 20 degrees.
  2. Other physically handicapped persons are eligible as follows:
    1. Persons whose visual disability, with correction and regardless of optical measurement, is certified by a competent authority as preventing the reading of standard printed material
    2. Persons certified by a competent authority as unable to read or unable to use standard printed material as a result of physical limitations.
  3. Persons certified by a competent authority as having a reading disability resulting from organic dysfunction and of sufficient severity to prevent their reading printed material in a normal manner.

Certifying Authority

In cases of blindness, visual impairment, or physical limitations, "competent authority" is defined to include doctors of medicine; doctors of osteopathy; ophthalmologists; optometrists; registered nurses; therapists; and professional staff of hospitals, institutions, and public or private welfare agencies (e.g., social workers, case workers, counselors, rehabilitation teachers, and superintendents). In the absence of any of these, certification may be made by professional librarians or by any person whose competence under specific circumstances is acceptable to the Library of Congress.

In the case of reading disability from organic dysfunction, competent authority is defined as doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathy who may consult with colleagues in associated disciplines.

For a full description of eligibility, equipment, and materials, click here to visit the NLS website.

Applications with incomplete certifications will be returned to you for completion.

When we receive your application, the equipment requested and appropriate catalogs with informational materials will be sent to you. We encourage you to take an active role in selecting your own books.

Library staff looks forward to serving you.

Send application to:

1330 Cleveland Street
Clearwater, FL 33755-5103
Or Fax to: 727-441-8938

If you have any questions, please contact us:
Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4:30 PM
Phone: 727-441-9958
Toll-free: (866) 619-9568 (within 941 area code)


Pinellas and Sarasota county facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and skilled nursing units are eligible to receive compatible playback equipment and audio books on loan for use by eligible residents. Mailings can be tailored to meet the needs of the residents. Applications are available by calling the library staff or click here for a printable Application