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PPLC Mission and Goals

Vision Statement

PPLC will lead the way for world-class library services to its members.

Mission Statement

PPLC provides leadership, resources and opportunities to enhance the quality, value, and availability of library services to members.


Efficient and effective sharing of resources
Diversity; cultural resources of information
Value member focused/needs
Financial stability
Promote literacy

Click HERE to download the front of the brochure.
Click HERE to download the back of the brochure.


Library Services: To enhance the selection and availability of library resources, services and programs (onsite and offsite).

Diversity: To proactively meet the needs of diverse members and non-traditional library audiences of the community.

Financial: To generate funds for the libraries by advocating with elected officials and acquiring private and public funding.

Board Structure: To recruit and develop board members with leadership skills necessary to achieve the strategic goals.

Marketing: To communicate the value of libraries by promoting library services, resources and programming.


1.1: Library users will demonstrate increased ability to locate items and/or information in PPLC libraries.
1.2: Library users will receive skilled assistance in meeting their e-source needs through knowledgeable staff.

2.1: The needs of our diverse communities will be identified, developed and established through one new program per year through 2011 to meet.
2.2: The special needs community will be offered current and expanded services, including talking book library, deaf literacy center, books-by-mail and family literacy.

3.1: The Board's knowledge and familiarity with fundraising activities will be expanded.
3.2: The PPLC Board and Staff will develop a county-wide planned giving program. e.g., bequests, annual gifts, etc.
3.3: Evaluate funding and structural options for PPLC in preparation for the 2013 sunset of the Interlocal Agreement.
3.4: The Library Directors, PPLC Board and Staff will campaign to improve support for greater public funding of libraries.

4.1: The Board will review recruitment procedures to satisfy the inter-local requirements, ensure compliance and allow for a diverse representation of the citizens at-large.
4.2: PPLC Board Members will become familiar with library operations through onsite visits.
4.3: The Board's understanding of their legal and fiduciary responsibility concerning public funds will be strengthened.
4.4: The Board's awareness and understanding of fundraising's benefits and limitations will be increased.
4.5: Board members will participate in a new forma board member orientation program.

5.1: Library services and programming will be enhanced through the technological use of the Internet, podcasts; etc.
5.2: Library Directors, PPLC Staff and Board will raise awareness of library services.
5.3: Library users will find better access and understanding from standardized web pages used throughout the library system.